European Wax Center


190 E. Stacy Rd., Suite 1100
Allen, TX, 75002



Four step process designed to Cleanse, Protect, Wax and Rejuvenate the Skin.  It contains no alcohol, 100% natural beeswax and the finest polymers.  Applied at warm bath water temperature.  Non-strip wax formula provides quicker application time.  Much less pain, irritation and redness.  Silky smooth results and was developed in Paris exclusively for European Wax Center.

*No Double Dipping
*No Recycling of Wax
*Expensive wax, Inexpensive Prices
*Clean, Fresh Sanitary Environment
*Qualified, Experienced, Licensed Estheticians
*Educated, Knowledgeable Staff trained to understand that our guests are our #1 Priority