Have fun at any of our attractions


The Grove, located in the center of The Village at Allen, features a lush park, a Texas-shaped hedge maze and children’s playhouses, and a pavilion with an outdoor fireplace and comfortable seating.

We ask that you please follow The Grove Rules.


Daily, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM


Located in the parking lot north of PetSmart, Canine Commons Dog Park is a tree-shaded haven for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The park features water fountains for dogs and humans, benches and tables, and plenty of bag stations available for your use.

If your pooch weighs less than 20 pounds, Canine Kids at Canine Commons was created especially for your petite pup, where they can socialize without feeling overwhelmed by larger dogs.  Owners are welcome to bring their small dog into the large dog park, but they do so at their own risk.

For Dog Park Rules and Regulations, click here.


Regular operating hours: Daily, from 7:00 AM – Sundown

Canine Commons Dog Park will temporarily close daily at sundown.

**Canine Commons will be closed until 10 am, the first Monday of every month for maintenance.**


The Village Depot Play Area is designed especially with active children in mind. Located in The Grove, this fully fenced play area features four playhouses, a Texas-shaped hedge maze, and tables and benches for Mom and Dad to take a break. Let your child experience the joy of active, imaginative play at The Village Depot.


Daily, from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


Make Shopping a Cultural Event

There’s an art to creating the perfect destination. At The Village at Allen, we’re committed to delivering a shopping experience that’s unlike any other. That’s why we’ve selected the best in local talent to showcase in artistic displays. Bring the family and see what’s new at your next visit.

Stacy Road Monoliths
The five sculptures lining Stacy Road serve as a monument to the City of Allen and a symbol of our support for the local artists who bring vibrant life and beauty to our communities. Created by Dallas-based artist, Rich Morgan, Jazz Medley — From Nevelson to the Village Logo is a thoughtful series of five individual, freestanding monoliths with double-sided relief sculptures. The series of designs feature multi-level geometric and organic shapes arranged in compartmentalized structures, in a style inspired by prominent mid-twentieth century sculptor Louise Nevelson.

Meant to be read in a series, each monolith exhibits subtle changes and variations that reflect the movement and pace of jazz music. The final sculpture in the series pays tribute to The Village at Allen with an abstracted version of the developments’ logo design. Although the sculptures were unveiled on Wednesday, August 12, some elements of the artwork remain elusive — including a cryptic series of dates ranging from September 23, 1899 to January 15, 2096. According to Morgan, there is no right or wrong answer for what the dates mean; everyone will come up with a different solution.

“I want to spur a variety of thoughtful interpretations, rather than a quick and intuitive reaction,” Morgan says of his work, which he leaves open to interpretation. “I want my work to require slow and deliberate analysis, revealing its layers and mysteries over time. Although I’m comfortable with my artwork being seen as a decorative object, I hope it will entice viewers to take a closer look — and will reward those who do.”


Suddenly, working out doesn’t feel like work anymore. The Village Trail gives shoppers a chance to get out into the sun and enjoy a beautiful, natural open space.

A 1.25-mile trail is now open on the east and south perimeters of The Village at Allen, at Allen Station Parkway.